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I recently graduated summa cum laude with an experimental short film, which was exhibited in a video installation. All footage in this film was generated with AI.



‘Purgatory’ is an experimental and abstract AI generated short film with a symbolic representation of purgatory, reinterpreted as my personal experience with mental health.
With this I depict my experience of having to go through suffering before I could find my way to healing.


The computer has always been my escape, my safe place. A place to disappear into the digital world. That’s why I decided to collaborate with AI for this project.
The outcome of AI is something which you can never have total control over, and often has an alienating effect; similar to that certain period of my life.


 The installation consists of a large projection of my film on a wall in a dark space, with the soundtrack by Max Abysmal playing loud. By doing this I aim to immerse the viewer into the feelings I experienced when I was dealing with mental health issues, hoping to convey that which I can’t put into words. 

Soundtrack by Max Abysmal


  • Nederlands Film Festival (NFF)

  • ICCV (International Conference on Computer Vision) in Paris

  • Short Waves Festival - RAW program 

  • The Wrong Biennale

  • SHAPESHIFT Festival 


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