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Nina van den Berg is a multidisciplinary artist and DJ from Amsterdam. She recently graduated summa cum laude with her AI video-installation ‘Purgatory’ for her studies ‘Image & Media Technology’ at the University of Arts Utrecht.

Since 2021, Nina has been specialized in generative AI. 
She creates experimental artworks for music labels and events, and shares her expertise through classes, presentations and workshops at various companies and educational institutions.

Drawing inspiration from internet culture, fantasy realms, absurdism and psychological processes, her work is marked by a striking combination of rawness and otherworldliness.
Though often steeped in darkness, it is not without humor, and is always delivered with a bold and unapologetic presence.

DSC_4429f 2000x2000.JPG



Commissioned artworks

   Nerve Collect label releases:

  • Identified Patient vinyl 

  • Hassan Abou Alam vinyl 

  • Gamma Intel vinyl 

  • Doctor Jeep vinyl 

  • Jan Loup 

  • Teqmun

  • Bastian Benjamin & French II 

  • Rhythmic Culture - Keita Sano release

  • Rhythmic Culture - Cassette mixtape release

  • Deloitte - Christmas greeting. Trained faces of the Dutch Deloitte board members in AI.

  • Club OOST - December & January

  • Lofi - Identified Patient curated event

DJ gigs

  • Dekmantel Festival

  • Dekmantel at Muziekgebouw

  • Lente Kabinet

  • De School

  • Garage Noord

  • ZeeZout Festival

  • Strange Sounds From Beyond Festival

  • Red Light Radio

Speaking events


  • Teaching AI classes at the University of Arts Utrecht (HKU)



  • Presentation at Artemis Academie

  • Presentations at University of Arts Utrecht

  • Presentation for Board of Examiners of HKU

  • Presentation at Deloitte

  • Presentation & Workshop at Deloitte


  • Presentation at UNI_VERSE Studio

  • Presentation & Workshop at Deloitte 





2022 + 2023

  • Alpha & beta tester for OpenAI / DALL·E 

  • Beta tester for Runway, Midjourney & Stable Diffusion 

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